The General Counsel Package

Do you know all the areas your coaching training business can get into legal trouble?

Quick-fix forms won't work when you have legal issues that require advice. A more stable approach is to have routine conferences with general counsel. 


  • A link to my online calendar for scheduling your one-on-one monthly call.
  • Access to the monthly group calls with Q&A time -- the calls are recorded, and you will get a link to the recording in case you miss the call.
  • A templated solution to the problem addressed on the monthly group calls.
  • Access to the secret Facebook group covering legal issue affecting your business.


  • You need to know the law/concepts if you're going to stay in business. 
  • Sharpen your sensitivity to know when you need legal advice on an issue. 
  • Keep your wits about you - you will develop an instinct for what "stinks" legally.

"When I began using Gene as my lawyer, he showed me places in my contracts where I was leaving myself open to huge risk – ouch! I quickly realized how valuable it is to any business to have contracts in place that are tailored to my business needs. Gene is a great resource to have draft my contracts and to review those presented to me to sign. The value of his legal services far outweighs the cost and he is easy and fun to deal with."

— Pamela Bruner - Make Your Success Real

"Using contracts in my business was the last thing I wanted to do. I dreaded it and was dragging my feet, thinking it would be a difficult, long drawn out process. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that it was quick, easy and much simpler than ever I imagined. Gene’s expertise and clear understanding of my needs as a business coach and marketer made the process a breeze."

- Michelle Bridger - Facebook Marketing Strategist

Here are some additional statements from your colleagues:

"Working with Eugene Policastri was so easy and quick. I met him at an event that I went to and was very impressed with the amount of time that he spent with me answering my questions. I have hired him on two different occasions to draw up some contracts for me and it was a no brainer working with him. He did all of the work after talking to me and it was amazing. You can get him on the phone when you need him without having to wait for days and you are treated like a very important person instead of just another number. I was extremely impressed with him and his work and his prices were very reasonable as well!"

— Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach

"I have used many different attorneys in over 30 years in business. I valued the work with Gene because he is one of the few attorneys that understands the coaching and consulting industry. Gene sees the value in our work and has invested in it to build his own business, therefore signing contracts of his own. He takes the knowledge of being on the receiving end, the value that he has invested in coaching and consulting, and protects us, his clients. Gene has a heart and understanding of the industry and puts his clients first. An extra bonus with Gene is use of common language when breaking down the legal facts and mumbo jumbo of legalese to layman’s understanding. This gives me the confidence when reviewing my contracts with new clients."

— Ivy Slater, Slater Success Coaching

"If you're a coach or consultant, you need a legal contract between you and your clients and really should hire an attorney to help you. If you already have a contract that you THINK is good enough, you STILL need an attorney to make sure you're protected. Gene is the attorney you need. I did not have Gene look at my original contracts for an upcoming program. A problem arose with a client that could have cost me a lot of time, money and aggravation because my contracts did not fully protect me. Gene was able to resolve my problem beyond my expectations and was an amazing resource to educating me. Along the way he showed me where my contracts could be tightened, and I plan to have him as my lawyer in the future!"

— Gina Trimarco Cligrow, Gina & Company Coaching & Consulting

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